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Meritage 2019

Meritage 2019

Meritage 2019
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A rich blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon aged 15 months in new (20%) and neutral oak barrels. Blackberry and vanilla bound out of the glass but the nose evolves into mature layers of brandied cherry, black pepper, and violet. Oak provides dimension and body. 

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Shenandoah valley
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Chris Zitzman's Gravatar
Chris Zitzman
(Mar 29, 2022 at 4:29 PM)
Full disclosure: I work on the weekends behind the tasting bar at CrossKeys. I've also been lucky enough to spend time with Steve Monson, the (freaking rock-star) wine-maker there. So, ya know, I have a horse in this race.

I've been in the wine business since I used to sniff away at the communion wines when I was an alter boy, k. 'They' felt that I disrupted class so they put me in charge of the "sacrament". Which, as fate should have it led me, over time, to a 'real job' in New York City, working for one of the more prestigious Auction houses in the Country. Since then, I've had my nose in glasses of all kinds and have tasted wines- often rare finds- from around the globe.

Maybe most importantly & most particularly the wines from Virginia.

I have always been a fan of Thomas Jefferson. All of his scientific pursuits, accounting- and most specifically his interest in making a truly European-style wine that could rival the Italians, the FRENCH, the Germans- 'whomever'. He had a lot of good help with him, but could never truly bring that ambition of his to fruition.

Since we're talking about Thomas Jefferson here, that and failing to properly dip his pen into the well the first time he tried to do so, may go down as his two greatest disappointments in a life festooned with accomplishment that may never be matched.

It's a passion project of mine, and I have sampled more than 150 Virginia reds over the past 14 (given the breaks) or so years. Blends, Varietals of all sorts- all have been fascinating and just nudged me further into loving what's been growing in Virginia. All the wonderful little micro-climates and personalities of all the different vines that are finding home and taking root as if to finally get the point that Mr. ThJ's been trying to make since the early 1776's.

Somehow somebody overlooked the 2019 CrossKeys Meritage at the 'ol Governor's Cup this year pf our Lord, 2022. It got a silver medal (so, yea; "recognized")- but deserved far better, to my tastes.

It's akin to Secretariat receiving a trophy for participating.

In my humble opinion.

I know the caliber of the judges for this competition and respect each of them to the point where I occasionally question my own judgement should I ever disagree. I've nothing but respect for those doing the judging for the Virginia Governors Cup wine competition.

They whiffed on Steve's work this year though.

The 2019 CrossKeys Meritage is a graceful and gorgeous wine that deserves a gold medal wrapped around the neck of the bottle- if not even more. It's rich yet approachable, and will likely turn more Virginia Wine lovers onto the very idea and personality of an engaging yet utterly delightful Cru Bourgeois-level wine out of the M├ędoc.

Get it now before more people realize this and it is gone.

...and thank you for your support.

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